Akhbar e Jehan Urdu Magazine Karachi

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Akhbar e Jehan Urdu Magazine Karachi

akhbar e jahan

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Akhbar e Jehan is a week by week urdu magazine possessed by jang gathering of daily papers. the author of akhbar e jehan magazine is Mir Khalil Ur Reham. This magazine is Pakistan’s biggest circled week after week magazine which has 49th year of production. it is distributed from karachi and read all the of all shapes and sizes urban areas of Pakistan furthermore read joyfully provincial and urban ranges. In Akhbar e Jehan Magazine you can read style, bolsters, news, sections on excellence and wellbeing furthermore this magazine contains every day and week by week horoscope in urdu, kid consideration tips and a great deal more.

Week after week Akhbar e Jehan magazine is extremely famous among the adolescents young ladies and young men in light of the fact that this magazine contain television and film stars wedding pictures who has recently marry. In Pakistan akhbar e jehan magazine is accessible in every one of the daily papers dealer shops just RS 55. on the off chance that a man needs to peruse akhbar e jehan magazine in abroad this magazine is accessible online in its site www.akhbar-e-jehan.com. then again you can read this magazine via looking akkhbar e jehan, akhbar-e-jehan, week by week akhbar e jehan, akhbar e jehan magazine.

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