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The Daily Times (DT) is an English-lingo Pakistani every day paper circulated on 09 April 2002. Every day Times (DT) which is quickly dispersed from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Its Editor is Rashed Rahman. The paper was guaranteed by Governor of Punjab and Pakistan Peoples Party Salmaan Taseer.

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The Daily Times is seen as a day by day paper that promoters liberal and normal considerations. The DT has grabbed universality furthermore notoriety in view of some of its productions, considered debatable in a couple areas of Pakistan yet adulated in the worldwide press. DT was intensely by some in the ethnic Pashtoon bunch toward the end of 2006.Editor Rashed Rahman joined the Daily Times in November 2009. He had in advance filled in as Executive Editor for English-lingo dailies The Post and The Nation.

Every day Times Lahore 04 November 2015 English Newspaper

This social affair has a sweeping devoted gathering to give news inside and outside the Pakistan. The social affair has expanded great worth and is continuing with towards its tallness. It moreover gives week by week magazines the step by step day by day paper on Sunday.


           Daily  Times  Karachi   E paper 06 November 2015 English Newspaper

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People far and wide and inside the Pakistan took much excitement for every day papers and day by day paper is practically the by and large used print and screen media hotspot for an expansive number of people in the World. Day by day paper is for the most part streamed in all over the place all through the country and can in like manner be examined on epaper site particularly.


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