Here’s the reason Priyanka Chopra slapped a “fan”

Here’s the reason Priyanka Chopra slapped a “fan”  .Priyanka Chopra, talking at the trailer dispatch of her forthcoming film Jai Gangaajal in which she assumes the part of an intense cop, said that she takes pictures with fans yet does not care for physical proximity.


“I slap a considerable measure. I think once a fan got out of hand with me, I don’t know whether he was a fan in any case, I left my trailer when I was shooting for ‘Anjana Anjani’. He just came and held my arms”, Priyanka said.

“I am great with taking pictures and everything except for I don’t care for physically being touched. So he simply held my hand and began requesting pictures. I got truly frightened so I snatched his neckline slapped him. At that point I got so terrified, I fled,” the performer said.

She additionally talked out her character amid the trailer dispatch.

“The most essential thing was to still be ladylike while playing an intense character like that of a cop”, Chopra said.

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