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The man kicked the bucket in the wake of meandering into the technique for a dashing stallion amidst a race out of thankfulness for the young lady’s fifteenth birthday.

Adjoining media said the 66-year-old had one of the steeds appreciating the novice race.

Around 1.3 million individuals prior ensured to go to the party, which besides highlighted near to social affairs and nourishment.

‘For the magnificence’

In a video message recorded not extremely far before, Crescencio Ibarra professed that he would manage a fifteenth birthday party for his little girl Rubi on 26 December in La Joya social request, focal Mexico.

“Welcome, how are you? We welcome you this 26 December to the fifteenth birthday get-together of our little girl, Rubi Ibarra Garcia,” Mr Ibarra said while remaining nearby Rubi and his better half Anaelda Garcia.

He then continued to report that the victor of the stallion race to be held as a component of the occasion would win 10,000 pesos ($490; £390).

One of those drawn by the welcome, and the steed race especially, was Felix Pena of the zone Coyotes Negros (Black Coyotes) stables.

Mr Pena told neighboring supporter Hora Zero that he was entering his stallion, Oso Dormido (Sleeping Bear), in the race and that he expected that it would win.

“I’m not doing it for the [prize] cash, I’m doing it for the capability and the shine.”

In a video taken of the race he can be seen admitting all kicked up by the steeds and a brief timeframe later lying missing on the ground.

It is not clear why Mr Pena, who routinely dashed stallions, meandered into the technique for the running creatures.

Several onlookers said he may have misconstrued the parcel as he attempted to give a holler out to Oso Dormido.

Someone else who besides meandered into the strategy for the stallions broke a leg.

Police said secluded from the occurrence amidst the steed race, the party went off carefully.

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