Public School Support Program 2016-2017

Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) is the biggest open private association based system of free quality instruction in the Punjab. The way that this establishment is giving complimentary instructive offices to around 1.8 million most-meriting understudies demonstrates its prosperity and adequacy. The good thing is that 45% of the recipients are young ladies. Truth be told, PEF has risen as a help for the offspring of impecunious strata.

It is very fulfilling that this establishment has presented various extensive changes in the training area to guarantee that each meriting youngster could undoubtedly think about and rise as a helpful subject of the general public. We trust that training is the best stepping stool to build up our country, as it reinforces the understudies to go about as future pioneers. That is the reason, we have guaranteed that our understudies appreciate favorable climate in the schools. This kid inviting educating is extremely useful in general identity advancement.Actually, Punjab Education Foundation has profited the general school training division in various ways. It has fortified the minimal effort non-public schools with its backing and specialized help. After their association with the establishment, the schools not just get money related backing on per understudy premise and free course readings, yet their educators and head-instructors are likewise prepared about most recent instructive ideas so that the understudies could get quality training. We have additionally supported co-curricular and games exercises.

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I’d exceptionally call attention to that PEF is extraordinarily helping in training advancement in reverse and far-flung territories where Government and non-public schools are not accessible or the groups can’t get to them for need of assets. We have; in this way, offered singular business visionaries and also group based associations to come some assistance with forwarding and advance instruction in organization with the establishment.

I am satisfied that Punjab Education Foundation is likewise using cutting edge Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to keep its framework up to the imprint. Diverse ICT based activities have kept up consummate straightforwardness and effectiveness. So also, diverse sorts of reviews are held consistently to keep up budgetary straightforwardness. On the other side, we additionally hold Quality Insurance Test, each year, to keep up required scholastic measures of our accomplice schools.

Keeping in perspective, the execution of Punjab Education Foundation, the Punjab Government has attributed it to enlist a sum of 2.8 million for the most part out of school/dropout youngsters in its accomplice schools. I’m very cheerful that the proactive part of the establishment will accomplish the objectives of ‘Parho Punjab, Barho Punjab.’

At last, I reaffirm our solid duty to help the meriting youngsters to access to their fundamental right of instruction. In this try, the backing of the Punjab Government is very estimable.





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