Rice Prices in Market

 Alfarid Corporation (AFC) is the ISO 9001:2008 exporters of the finest and premium quality Basmati rice, individual from Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan REAP No. 2-1-08-4091, Rice Prices in Market Karachi Chamber of Commerce and industry and, US FDA (Food and Drug dministration). AFC is the conspicuous rice exporter in Pakistan with specialization in fare of all Basmati assortments and grades.Alfarid Corporation is the specific Rice Millers, producers and makers, dealers of long grain super piece, super basmati, short grain, 385, 1121 additional long grain and D-98 assortments from Pakistan having present day and advanced rice factory according to European norms, having ability to plant rice in noteworthy amounts and process request quick. Our rice industrial facility has the expected manufacture including evaluating, shading sortex, de-stoning, cleaning (velvety shine, twofold, single or consistent shine), grain length sorting and consistency and mixing. Mixes and formula of processing are overseen keeping in perspective the cooking result as required by the customer taking into account quality inclination and value reasonableness.

Rice Prices in Market

brown rice

Brown Rice

Cocoa rice has just the husk expelled from the grain, leaving the wheat and germ layers — making this entire grain rice nutritious with a nutty, mellow flavor.

Regular-Milled White Rice

General processed white rice has had its husk, wheat, and germ uprooted. This averts deterioration, so the rice can be put away more.

Parboiled Rice

Rice subjected to a steam weight procedure to compel the internal and external starches together to make a less sticky, separate bit. It is not precooked. This procedure holds a considerable lot of the vitamins found in natural rice. Supplements splash into the rice portions before the external layers are uprooted. Parboiled Rice is light brilliant or golden in shading. It concocts soft with particular unmistakable grains. (See Riceland Gold® and Al Dent

Pakistani Basmati Rice
Basmati is one of the most seasoned developed harvests and is a staple nourishment framing key part of the eating routine for a large number of the world’s populace, particularly living in the Middle East, Southern and Eastern Asia.
Rice Varieties
Super Kernel Basmati Rice
Super Kernel Basmati Rice the term ‘Super Kernel’ is the premium quality basmati rice assortment from Punjab. It conveys solid smell being developed in the snow-sustained Himalayan fields and mountains. SKB is old product likewise termed as ‘Punjab Super’. The grains are additional long and turn out to be twofold its size in the wake of cooking. The nutty flavor is loved everywhere throughout the world by quality significant others having the inclination for incredible taste and excellent flavor. Our Brand ZOQ is 100% unadulterated and premium quality, velvety clean and matured to flawlessness is the first rate Super Kernel Basmati Rice.
Super Basmati Rice
Super Basmati Rice is the second level basmati from chose locales of Punjab and Sindh territory. This formula of Super requires a mix that involves moderate estimating with brisk developments in Wholesale and Supermarket stores. Our Brand Alfarid Superior Basmati Rice conveys common smell and fragile nutty flavor that is exceptional to this assortment and is cooked effectively and grains get to be partitioned after cooking.
Short Grain Basmati Rice
Short Grain Basmati Rice has a normal grain length of 6.35 mm which are hauled out of Super portion Basmati. These short grains are additional very much processed and convey the same details of super piece including solid smell, slim bits, satiny and twofold clean, 100% sortexed, matured to flawlessness, dampness level under 11% and are non-sticky grains after cooking to suit any uncommon event’s cooking. The best purchase is the value moderateness variable of this short grain rice being less costly having every one of the characteristics of super part basmati.


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